The infrastructure
Total area: 5 ha
     + Area of ​​the training ground for occupations operating the construction machine; operating the crane, the crane is 10.000 m2
     + The school currently has all kinds of excavators, bulldozers, cranes, forklifts, hydraulic drills, air compressors, ... all kinds of equipment made in Japan, Korea, Russian to help learners. The best possible access to manufacturing practices.
     + The school has workshops with a total area of 2.680 m2 with practice rooms for trades: Automobile technology, welding, reinforcing steel, water supply and drainage, civil electricity, industrial electricity, water supply and drainage. ..with a full range of modern equipment invested under the national target program.
 + The school currently has 2.650 m2 specialized classrooms equipped with overhead projectors, multifunction projectors. Computer classrooms, foreign language classrooms, libraries with teaching materials to meet the teaching needs of teachers and students.
     + The school has a dormitory of 5 floors for students and students with synchronous and self-contained equipment. There are sports fields, playgrounds, meeting the learning, living and training needs of students and boarding students at the school.
     + The school has approved an investment project to strengthen vocational training capacity for key occupations in the 2020-2025 period with an investment of over VND 100 billion.
      The total number of existing teachers is 88, of which 65 are organic teachers. Teachers and lecturers of the university have university degrees, postgraduate degrees and high-level workers, many teachers have won the title of excellent teacher at the provincial, ministerial and national levels.
Our teachers are always interested in fostering and developing both quantity and quality. 100% of teachers reach university, postgraduate and high-level teachers, many teachers have won the title of excellent teacher at the provincial, ministerial and national level, meeting the development needs of the school in next time..
Achievements and Awards:
       + 01 third-class Labor Medal 1989
       + 01 third-class Victory Medal  1996
       + 01 second-class Labor Medal in 1999
       + 01 first-class Labor Medal in 2004
       + 01 third-class Independence Medal 2014
       + 03 certificates of merit from the Government
       + 02 teachers receive Nguyen Van Troi Award
       + 12 staff members and teachers were awarded 3rd Labor Medal and Resistance Medal
       + 02 teachers were awarded excellent teachers.
       + 01 teacher won a good teacher at the ministerial level in 2003
       + 07 teachers achieved the title of excellent provincial teacher in 2005
       + 01 teacher won a good teacher nationwide in 2006
       + 08 teachers achieved a good provincial teacher in 2008
       + 01 teacher won a good teacher nationwide in 2009
       + 03 teachers achieved good teachers at the provincial level in 2011
       + 01 teacher won a good teacher nationwide in 2012
       + 01 individual was awarded the third-class Labor Medal 2014
      + More than 80 medals and medals for the cause of education and training, for the cause of construction, for the cause of trade unions, for the younger generation, for national security ...
      For the past 20 years, the school has always held the title of advanced a
nd excellent school of Construction industry.
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